[Weekly 02-06/07/2018]: Xu hướng đồng USD và các cặp tiền chính hiện tại.

Xu hướng đồng USD hiện đang tăng mạnh, có rất nhiều nguyên nhân tuy nhiên lo ngại chiến tranh thương mại leo thang đang khiến cho các đồng tiền khác trong G7 giảm mạnh. Bên cạnh đó việc PBOC liên tục phá giá đồng Nhân dân tệ để hỗ trợ xuất khẩu sau các đòn trừng phạt của ông Trump...
- Những chính sách trên đang làm thay đổi khá nhiều cục diện trên thị trường tài chính, trong đó hầu hết các nước đều phải chịu áp lực từ trừng phạt thương mại và muốn gia tăng xuất khẩu chỉ còn cách để đồng tiền mất giá...
Biểu đồ USD Index đang gặp phải kháng cự khá quan trọng, sau khi test qua 3 lần breakout vẫn chưa phá được. Do đó mức cản hiện tại sẽ tác động khá nhiều đến tâm lý chung của nhà đầu tư.
Dưới đây là các khuyến nghị những vùng hỗ trợ và kháng cự quan trọng:

Hỗ trợ quan trọng: 1.15228 - 1.15727
Kháng cự quan trọng: 1.16868 - 1.1869
Xu hướng hiện đang đi ngang và cần chờ thêm tín hiệu nến rõ ràng để vào lệnh.


Hỗ trợ quan trọng: 110.486
Kháng cự quan trọng: 111.2 - 112.046
Xu hướng USDJPY đang tăng và đã breakout qua trend kháng cự daily, khả năng điều chỉnh về hỗ trợ và tiếp tục tăng.


Hỗ trợ quan trọng: 1.3066
Kháng cự quan trọng: 1.32160 - 1.33099
Xu hướng GBPUSD hiện tại đang tích lũy tương đối khó giao dịch và cần chờ thêm các tín hiệu nến.

Ngọc Hải M.Pearlie
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Agatha Alexander:
How come?:

It needs very often not just providing fresh air, but also a task of certain parameters - humidity and temperature. To carry out it, and design of ventilyation of the house is necessary. Design of ventilation systems takes place in two stages. Initial stage, or feasibility study on ventilation systems. This stage allows to clear the next moments: Expense and also arrangement of heat carriers indoors; Tip of the required equipment; Power of the required equipment; Technical characteristic of future system; Estimated cost of all future ventilation system. In addition, technical project development is very important. After the client approved technical the project, the company designer can start the second stage design. The second design stage, or development of the working draft. This stage is based on very important points, such as: construction planning, technical characteristics of designs, technical characteristics of a country house.

Jordan Wiggins:
Are you kidding?:

There are several types of the fan heaters differing with way of heating of the given air: electric heat guns, gas heat guns, heat guns on diesel fuel, heat guns on the fulfilled oil, the combined heat guns, water heat guns, infrared heat guns. Water heat guns. Each of these types has the specifics of application and as a rule is used for the solution of different tasks.

Lewis Carey:
The question now is ...?:

Design of ventilation of the building demands accounting of a set of factors. It is necessary to consider all design features of the building, to determine the power of the necessary ventilation system, quantity and characteristics of ventilating installations, their location, routes of laying of air ducts and their type, installation sites of filters, air distributors and control devices, ventilating grates, etc. As a current of an air flow ventilation can be: At design of ventilation of the house and other objects ventilation systems often combine with climatic systems that allows to receive the most comfortable microclimate in rooms. The systems of moistening and drainage of air, the recuperation installations reducing electric power expenses, and other equipment can be installed. Competent design of the ventilation system of the building demands wide experience, good knowledge of features of the ventilating equipment. Each object is in own way unique therefore there are no standard standard decisions.
Francis Vega:
So what's the hitch?:

What model it is better to buy? When choosing the device it is necessary to consider its power, noise level and existence of additional useful functions (disinfection, ionization). To buy a suitable sink of air for the house or the industrial room, ask for the help specialists of the company Clever climate who will free of charge pick up a copy, ideal for your conditions. To avoid traffic jams on the way to our office, the qualitative sink of air can be bought in online store and to order delivery with installation.

Indicators of humidity and temperature on LCD – the display allow to establish the correct climate in the room. For water purification from surplus of salts in a set there is a filter cartridge. Indication of the display can be disconnected that nothing disturbed a quiet dream. Humidifier of ultrasonic Ballu uhb-205 white/green Uhbvozmet on all cares on creation in the house of comfortable conditions for life. The device is intended for maintenance of comfortable level of humidity indoors. City apartments, townhouses, country houses, dachas, offices, winter gardens. High performance on moistening - mastiff/hour the Spray ° the Filter cartridge in Indication's set of low water level Indicator of the room temperature and humidity the Switched-off display (a night operating mode) of the Built-in hygrometer and a hygrostat Taimer on shutdown (dochas) the room Size: house? The tank for a vodylitr.

Jack Cowan:
What's the use of?:

Passing through the condenser, the drained air heats up and moves to the room dry and warm (is warmer than nagradus, than on an entrance). Effective moisture renting is reached at repeated air circulation via the device. A class of protection of the IP dehumidifier Hukazyvayet on a comprehensive protection of the device from water splashes.

Mobile Dantherm air dryers of the CDT series provide to the services eliminating flooding consequences and the construction organizations a possibility of fast and convenient removal of moisture. The CDT series became widely known to Osushitel thanks to convenience in operation, the modern control panel and an easy, but strong design. The CDT series includes models with moisture renting отдол / days and the maximum operating temperature of °C. All of them have convenient management of settings and operating modes. The digital display with the touch control panel allows to set easily and quickly required humidity of air and to obtain information on the current operating mode. Also it is possible to bring data on period of operation and energy consumption to the display. The adjusted and not movably fixed handles allow to move dehumidifiers easily and safely. Thanks to the big rubberized wheels, dehumidifiers of the CDT series can be moved easily on ladders and to roll through the filled-in sites seeming at first sight impassable. Mobile CDT dehumidifiers can be delivered with the pump for removal of condensate installed in the cartridge on the place of a water-collecting tank. The pump pumps over the condensed moisture to the place of discharge. Use of this pump allows dehumidifier to work without breaks for service. Also need to pour out water of a heavy water-collecting tank after its filling is excluded. The pump can lift water on height the house. The cartridge with the pump for removal of condensate is an option. Elimination of damages Construction Waterworks Repair/reconstruction of the room. the Mobile dantherm cdt 90 mk ii dehumidifier the dehumidifier which is ideally balanced on weight. Corpus from hot-dip galvanized steel with an additional enamel covering. Big wheels (? oo) for safe transportation on ladders. The shipping handle adjusted on height. Existence of two handles for convenience of transportation together. A polyurethane rim of wheels and plastic front buffers for protection of doors and walls against blows. A possibility of installation of dehumidifiers at each other at storage. Rotor compressor / Thermal valve. Built-in hygrostat. Possibility of connection of an external hygrostat (option). Digital touch display. A possibility of reading of parameters (operating time, the energy consumption level, humidity level) without installation inclusion...

Trinity Prince:
Coming along?:
Economical torch. The gas burner of the device is equipped with a convenient pjezopodzhig, it has excellent profitability, the maximum flow of liquefied gas is not болеекг in an hour. Are included in the package of delivery of the device: the gas Master BLPM heat gun, a reducer, a hose for connection of gas, the user's guide, the warranty card, cardboard packing. Dostavka of orders to all regions of Ukraine is made by means of services of various transport carriers, express delivery in any point of the city of Kiev is possible. Advantages of the gas Master BLPM heat gun will pleasantly please you and with Vy of % will be satisfied with acquisition of this equipment. Price of goods not final! Bargain! Call! Let's concede to each buyer!.

Elektrostroy in the market boleelt! operational service, good selection. Official Dealer! Garantiyalet! Service! Consultation of the expert! Heat guns electric heat guns тепломаш , gas, diesel, thermal veils, heaters! The thermal equipment with guarantee maintenance and service of heatguns, free shipping across SPB, RUSSIA and the CIS.

Charles Holmes:
Why not do smth. while we are about it?:
Thermal veils of Wing are issued in three options: В· sources for heat exchangers the system of water heating is; В· air heats up by means of РўРРќРѕРІ; В· the air flow does not get warm. These parameters help to choose such model which approaches not only by the sizes, but has the maximum energy efficiency. All veils of Wing have several general parameters. Their quality keeps on a high mark, besides the design is capable to surprise you. Different models of veils have the general similarity - externally they are similar to a wing therefore also the name at them it. On the installation some elements are similar to the facetted diamonds. Such veil will perfectly fit into any interior due to the original appearance. Our company offers the lowest prices therefore you will be able to choose such option which will be suitable not only for your purse, but also as a hobby.

Raskhod of air (m / in an hour) the Net weight, kg. Vysota, mm. Shirina, mm. Depth, mm. Power, kW. Thermal veils without heating арктос Rubezhseriya's veils "Boundary" reduce losses of heat in cold season and provide maintenance of temperature condition of the room.

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